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get connected

This is a ministry that assists people in finding their purpose. They present ministries available to serve in at The Way World Outreach to add to everyone's spiritual growth.
*Team serves on the 2nd Sunday of the month


Office assistance

This is a ministry that will provide office support for our ministries. They will be available to create and copy flyers, make signs, badges, and type information for ministry events. We are the ministry support team and our goal is to helps get information to our member and ministry leaders to get you the help you need.


elexio software

This is a ministry that keeps track of members profiles which consist of demographics, spiritual growth, checking attendance, and financial giving records.
*Team serves on the 2nd Sunday a month


special events

This is a ministry that builds the body by planning and assisting during special events such as weddings, funerals, special gatherings or events at The Way World Outreach.
*Team serves upon request for a special event