There are 4 parts to every C-Group meeting:
1. Vision of the Church,
2. The Word,
3. Giving, and
4. Fellowship.


We have great things coming!

  1. Matt Cruz is coming to The Bridge Young Adults Friday March 29th at 7pm!

  2. Men’s and Women’s service night is coming up on the first Friday night of the month! Don’t miss out!

Ice Breaker

If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you?


“BIG Obedience”

Obedience: to follow instructions

Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.

Just knowing about God or about the word does not mean we’re walking right with God. We must live in obedience to His word. That means not just hearing the word (going to church, listening to sermons, reading the Bible), but we must also OBEY the word! The more I meditate on God’s word, the more I will obey God’s word.

Q1 - Why do you think the scripture says we must meditate on the word “day and night”?

Q2 - Is there an area of your life that you’re lacking success? Could it be that you haven’t been meditating on God’s word like you need to?

Q3 - Why would the enemy be okay with you just hearing the word and not doing it?

Q4 - The scripture says we will succeed in “ALL WE DO,” not in all we know. Where can you begin applying the word better in your life?

17 Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

Knowing that you’re supposed to do something and not doing it is sin. Sometimes we try harder at avoiding temptation and sin when it comes to “big” sins (lust, adultery, drugs, etc), but we never repent for not doing what we’re supposed to do.

Q5 - Could it be that we’ve been repenting of the “big” sins, but not of being complacent or disobedient? What is something you can share with the group that you need to be more obedient in?

Success: to have desired result, to accomplish what is attempted, to prosper, do well, grow, thrive (Success always comes with instructions)

Q6 - What are some instructions God has given you in the season you’re in now?

Q7 - Let’s practice speaking some faith. What areas in your life are you believing to see greater success?

Q8 - Sometimes being obedient means giving up something you love because it might be hindering your success. What is something you’re willing to give up today in obedience to God?

In the month of March, our Care Project is going to be to help fund the new school in Uganda! We have made progress with the school (new classrooms and offices are up). Let’s make it a goal to sponsor students and teachers with $50 this month! They currently have 160 students and are expected to break 200 students in May.

Here’s how to donate:

  1. Download The Way World Outreach App

  2. Click Give

  3. Change the fund to "Care Group Offering"

  4. Write down the group leader's name in memo line


Declaration Prayer:

Father, help me to walk in BIG OBEDIENCE! I want to honor you with my life, not just in what I know, but in what I do. I pray that I will hear your word and walk it out in my life! Give me the strength and courage to be obedient to your voice, no matter where you send me or what you ask of me. I believe my life will improve and become more and more successful because of your grace! Thank you Lord! In Jesus’ name, Amen!


OBEY BIG! Practice reading the word and writing down ways you can apply the word in your day. At night, reflect on your day and evaluate how you were able to apply the word. Do that every day this week and share your results with the group at the next meeting.

Note for Leaders: Take prayer requests and praise reports. Keep a good record of this. Follow up on prayer requests and celebrate praise reports.

Take attendance by downloading the LEAD. App or by writing down who was here today (either on your phone or on paper) and send that information to: