Ice Breaker

How was your Mother's Day Weekend?


The purpose of this lesson is to give us an understanding of the blessings of honoring your mother/parents and why it's so important in life. We are also going to look at ways we can honor our mother/parents.

Discussion Intro

This weekend we took time to honor mothers everywhere. It's important that we honor mothers not just in what we say, but in the way we live. 

Exodus 20:12 NLT Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

Q1 - What does it look like to honor your mother?

Q2 - What does it look like to dishonor your mother?

Q3 - Do you believe there are ways you can improve in honoring your mother?

Even the world notices that mothers play a huge role in their success. Take a look at this clip. 


Q4 - Why do you think that so many people give their mom so much credit when they achieve such great success?

How to raise children of God

1. Hear Word

Q5 - What do you think are some ways parents can share the word with their children?

2. Receive the Word

Matthew 40:10 NLT Anyone who receives you receives me, and anyone who receives me receives the Father who sent me.

Q6 - What is the difference between hearing the word and receiving the word?

3. Apply the Word 

Luke 11:28 NLT Jesus replied, "But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice.

Q7 - What is the difference between applying the word and receiving the word?

Q8 - According to Luke 11:28, those who hear the word and practice it are more blessed. What blessings do you think we see when we begin applying the word, instead of just hearing it?


I declare that I will honor my parents. I declare that I will bless them with my words and my actions. I thank God for my life and for my parents. God teach me to be the parent that you have called me to be! Help me to live up to my role. In Jesus Name!


Instead of just making it one day, continue showering your mother/grandmother/aunt this week with love. 

3 ways to make an impact:

When Susie Zavala (Children's Pastor) was only a little girl, she remembers riding on a church bus to get to church. This changed her life forever! Now she leads thousands of children into a loving relationship with Jesus! Right now, we are very close to getting our busses ready to hit the road to pick up little boys and little girls in the streets. We need to wrap busses with the church's logos and colors in order for it to be allowed to pick up kids. Let's come together and make a donation today to help finish the busses!

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