Icebreaker: Name your favorite TV show growing up. 

Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to develop greater wisdom and favor in life so that we can prosper and succeed in everything we do. 

Main Scripture:

Luke 2:52 NLT Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.

Discussion: If we're going to see a year of no limits, we need to raise the level of our expectation. Whatever you expect with confidence will be your results in life. We need to begin to expect more from God, and stop declaring less. God's plans for us are for a good and hopeful future, not a future of lack. Let's begin to learn from scripture how to become someone who continues to grow in both wisdom and favor. 

Q1 - Name something you're expecting in the near future. How about in the long term?

Q2 - Do you feel like there are some negative things that you've been expecting lately?

2 Wonder Twins

1.     Wisdom

“The more wisdom you have, the less miracles you need" - Dr Dave Martin

Q3 - What does wisdom look like to you personally in your daily life? How do you apply it?

Q4 - What areas of your life do you need God to give you more wisdom?

2. Favor

“Whatever you recognize, you become thankful for. Whatever you become thankful for, you increase in your life." Dr Dave Martin

Q5 - When we begin to recognize and become thankful for the small ways God gives us favor throughout the day, we begin to see more of it. Can you recall places in your life today that you witnessed God's favor? (it could be the perfect parking spot at the mall, it could be someone letting you go in front of them at the grocery store to checkout, etc.)

Q6 - Where in your life do you need to see more of God's favor?

Q7 - If we want to grow in favor with God, begin thanking Him for the things He's already done. Name a few things that you're thankful for today. 

Declaration: I will walk in greater wisdom and favor than I ever have in my life. The rest of my life will be the best of my life. I understand that the principles of the Word will guide me to live a successful life. Thank you Jesus for loving me and blessing me with a brighter future! Amen!

Application: Every time you witness God's favor in your life, practice thanking Him. It could be the smallest thing. Make it a habit to thank God every time you recognize His favor in your life.